Quality Land Surveying


Experience counts in land surveying. Our Professional Land Surveyor has over 23 years of experience and is a licensed Land Surveyor in five states, including Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.


We offer competitively priced land surveying services that meet deadlines. We can provide Surveyors Real Property Reports (Spot Surveys), Property Boundary Surveys, American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys, Subdivision Surveys, and much more.


We utilize state of the art GPS surveying equipment that allows us to step out of the truck and start gathering field shots within minutes of arriving on site.

We offer a wide range of land surveying services. Take a look below and see the differences.

The ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is the most comprehensive type of survey and improvement location. It covers all the aspects of the boundary survey and improvement location and identification for any additional evidence of possession or use, which could be adverse to the interest of the purchaser. This type of survey is normally only performed on commercial property because of the expense involved. The Client will need to supply a current title commitment and copies of the easement documents that the client requires to be shown or noted on the survey (aka ALTA Outboundary).

Construction Stakeout is the staking of reference points on a site to assist with the new construction of parking lots, roads, buildings, utilities, etc.

The Flood Elevation Certificate provides the necessary elevation information to ensure compliance with community floodplain management ordinances and the National Flood Insurance Program.

A Geographic Information System is an interactive computer map for storing, analyzing, and displaying data related to positions on the Earth. A common use is for infrastructure and utility mapping.

The Property Description is the description of the perimeter of a tract of land in words, which is specific and cannot apply to any other piece of land.

The Property Boundary Survey with Location of Improvements will determine the perimeter of a tract of land and show improvements on the property along with any encroachments onto or from the subject property. The property boundary corners will be located and verified or reset. This survey can be used by the property owner for the construction of a fence or other improvements. The survey will meet “Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys.” (aka Outboundary Survey).

The Subdivision Survey is used to divide an existing tract of land into new, smaller tracts or lots.

The Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR) is a location of improvements and cursory check for encroachments onto or from the subject property based on existing, but not conformed evidence. This does not constitute a boundary survey and is subject to any inaccuracies that a subsequent boundary survey may disclose. No property corners will be set and it should not be used or relied upon for the establishment of any fence, structure, or other improvements. No warranty of any kind is extended therein to the present or future owner or occupant. (aka Spot Survey).

The Topographic Survey is the detailed mapping of the physical features of the earth’s surface, both natural and man-made. These features are typically displayed on a contour map.